Liability Insurance

As outlined by MARA, all members are required to purchase and maintain valid liability insurance that meets the requirements outlined below.

  • 1. Minimum 1 million per claim and 5 million Aggregate per year

  • 2. MARA Member's NAME. Member's business may also be listed.

  • 3. Effective date of insurance policy

  • 4. "Acupuncture" specific notation OR definition which includes the practice of acupuncture OR be included in a general listing* of alternative medicines and holistic practices that an insurance policy covers and covered under a broader term like “alternative medicine” or “naturopathic therapies” or “Naturopathie/Naturotherapie.” 

  • Please note: *MARA may request a copy of any Insurance companies' General Listing of modalities, alternative medicines and holistic practices covered under their umbrella terms. 

  • 5. It must also have written on the heading 1 of 3 headings:

         1. Professional Liability

         2. Errors and Omissions

3. Malpractice Insurance

If the documentation submitted DOES NOT meet the above requirements, the MARA member will be advised to follow up with their insurance to ensure their policy meets the above minimum requirements. 

Current MARA Members:

Please ensure  you submit your Malpractice Liability Insurance through your MARA GDRIVE Member File 

Professional Fee Protection, Inc (PFP) liability insurance program is MARA's recommended Insurer of Choice. Please contact PFP directly to discuss a package that meets your individual needs and requirements.

PFP CONTACT INFO: Chuck Crawford 506 640 1235 or


Please note, Lackner McLennan has decided to continue it's coverage for MARA members. Please contact them directly to discuss your individual requirements.

It is up to each member to educate themselves on their liability insurance requirements, be aware of the risks and benefits and ensure their coverage meets their individual needs.

MARA Members do you have the right Insurance Coverage?

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