MARA's First Aid/CPR



MARA is required to have valid First Aid/CPR documents on file for ALL Members.


MARA Members are asked to upload their First Aid/CPR Documents directly into their GDRIVE Member folder for review by the Education Committee and Registrar.

The Registrar records MARA member’s First Aid/CPR expiration dates on the MARA Member list.

Prior to expiration, Members are required to renew their First Aid/CPR certification and upload to their GDRIVE folders. 


Member's earn, 8 Category A CEU’s, per cycle for their First Aid/CPR certification. 


Please note, due to availability of course(s), members can apply for up to 1 month Leeway with the Registrar if booked into a First Aid/CPR course upon renewal. 

If Leeway is approved, at time of renewal, Members are asked to upload their paid receipt for their First Aid Course into their GDRIVE Member folder as confirmation of enrollment.

Please note: Lifesaving Society New Brunswick

  • The Certification Date on the Award Cards are in the Year-Month-Day format.  This is the date that the award was earned on. 

  • All Lifesaving Society awards are Current for a period of 2 years from the date they are earned.

  • As per Sep 28 2017 email with Ryan Munn, Member Services Assistant 


Active MARA Members:

Please ensure  you've also uploaded your valid 2021 Malpractice Liability Insurance to your MARA GDRIVE Member Folders